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Team Roger Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $5,755.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 46

Team Roger 2016

Last year, Team Roger raised over $8500!! Let's see if we can get close to that this year! Team Roger is ready to return for another round of walking. Over the past year since Rogerís diagnosis we have all shared tears, smiles, prayers and many special moments with Roger and his family. Through Rogerís fight with pancreatic cancer we have seen his strengths and vulnerabilities and his love for us all. So Team Roger will be celebrating life with Roger on this day and supporting the Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk in their hope for a cure.

Team Members:
Total Raised$5,755.00  
General Team Donation$2,495.00  
Jenny Van Meter$50.00  
   Madeline Abramson$50.00  
   Caroline Borgman$100.00  
   A Burke$50.00  
   Peter Catalano$50.00  
   Toni Clem$300.00  
   Catherine Crews$50.00  
   Kyle Crews$50.00  
   Papaw Crews$50.00  
   Roger Crews$150.00  
   Susan Crews$50.00  
   Leslie Delgado$50.00  
   Carol DeMuth$50.00  
   Stephen Edelen$150.00  
   ann marie elpers$150.00  
   Dom Elpers$50.00  
   Will Elpers$200.00  
   anne ely$50.00  
   Marsha Esarey$50.00  
   Steve Esarey$50.00  
   Steven Farr$50.00  
   Paula Garner$50.00  
   Jody Hermann$100.00  
   Gary Huddleston$50.00  
   Janice Huddleston$50.00  
   Susan Inman$50.00  
   Michelle Kersting$50.00  
   Clay Krill$50.00  
   Corey Krill$50.00  
   Karen Krill$60.00  
   Judy Lambeth$50.00  
   Sheila Mays$50.00  
   Mandy McQuade$100.00  
   Lauren Peter$0.00  
   Mike and Pam Peter$100.00  
   Kristie Phillips$50.00  
   Jay Reed$50.00  
   Annie Shearn$50.00  
   Beeps Shearn$50.00  
   Becca Short$50.00  
   Brenda Short$50.00  
   George Stevens$50.00  
   Mark Straub$100.00  
   Emily Thompson$100.00  
   Rose Wetterer$50.00  
   Mag Young$50.00  

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